Two Lecturers Contribute in Discussion of Phd Thesis in University of Technology

Two lecturers of Al-Nahrain University,Prof.Dr.JummahSalamn Jaed and Asst.Prof.Dr.Ali Hussein in discussion of Phd thesis entitled“Design and making prosthetic leg” by the researcher,Muhammad Safah /University of Technology.

The thesis aims for benefiting the energy of restitution  of   screw springs and this is a new idea which serves the handicapped person.

 It’s mentioned that both Prof.Dr.Jummah Jaed of Al-Nahrain University and Prof.Dr.Shaker Sakran of University of Technology supervise this thesis and the researcher publishes 6 researches ,3 ones are drawn from them which are published in Scopus ; others publish  in civil and international journals and conferences with obtainment of Patent of this thesis.



Translated by

Prof.Aula Abdul Ghaffour Muhammad Salah