Centre of Electronic Computer in Al-Nahrain University Holds a Workshop about Explanation of Contents of The Electronic Performance Evaluation Form.

Centre of Electronic Computer in Al-Nahrain University holds a workshop about explanation of contents of performance evaluation in 2021-2022  in which a head of statisticians  presents a lecture ,Asrah Malooky who is responsible for the Administrative Affairs Branch

in the Centre. Director of Electronic Computer Centre,Husham Abd Al-Rassol and staff of this Centre attend the workshop.

The workshop implies what the evaluation of performance form explains and means to achieve it ,explains axes of evaluation form for the lecturers ; how to prepare a folder for every lecturer and how put the point for every axis ,then put the final point.After that ,it expresses the pointers and identify the points for each paragraph and identify the strength points of the evaluation axes. 


Translated by

Prof.Aula Abdul Ghaffour Muhammad Salah