Pharmacy of Al-Nahrain Holds a Training Course about The International Standard ISO 17025

            College of Pharmacy-Al-Nahrain University –Laboratory Dependence Unit in Quality Assurance University Performance in cooperation with Continuous Training Unit

           holds a training course entitled “The International Standard ISO” in Wednesday morning  on 5/4/2022 for three days in Clinical Pharmacy  Laboratory  supervised by

          the Dean of College,Asst.Prof.Dr.Hyder Bahaa Sahab ; Assist –Dean for administrative affairs ,Prof.Dr.Muhammad Sahab Hamazh;Heads of scientific branches;Teaching staff and Colleg Staff.

The course includes   a lecture which is presented by the old chemicalist Ragda Abd Al-Munam Razoqy .The aims of this course is  to be the best  dependence  laboratory in Al-Nahrain      University

by completing requirement of the international standard ISO.     



Translated by

Prof.Aula Abdul Ghaffour Muhammad Salah