Al-Nahrain University Organizes a Psychological Workshop for Supervisors of the Internal Departments

The Internal Department  in Al-Nahrain University Presidency  organizes  an educational  psychological  workshop for the supervisors of the internal department in how to deal with the students.

The lecture is presented by Asst.Prof.Dr.Nahath  Musah ,responsible for Psychological  Counseling and  Educational Guidance  in  Presidency  for a week ,he addresses different subjects including

extremism ,violence , terrorism  and drugs making the attendants aware of the problems which devastate the societies.These activities urge the supervisors of the internal departments to deal with students  and   and  monitor them ,giving them advices ,awareness –raising programmes  to prevent  psychological and educational problems  which happened  for them  and this  impedes their study

constrain their success.


Translated by

Prof.Aula Abdul Ghaffour Muhammad Salah