Corrosion of Carbon Steel in Stirred Two Phase Media of Brine-Gas oil and Brine-CO2 and Prevention by Cathodic Protection

Sahir Mohammed Aziz
Dr. Basim O. Hasan

Corrosion tests of carbon steel (CS) in single and two phase media of two immiscible liquids (CaCO3  solution-gasoil mixture) and liquid–gas (CaCO3 solution -CO2  gas) under different operating conditions of temperature, agitation velocity, phase fractions, gas flow rate, and immersion time were carried out using weight loss method and electrochemical polarization technique. Flat blade disc turbine mixer was used to simulate the two phase flow conditions.The ranges of operating parameters in two immiscible phase tests were agitation velocities of (0 - 1200 rpm), temperature of (25- 45oC), (1-10 vol %)gas oil. The effect of presence of acids such as HCl and H2SO on corrosion rate was also investigated under different conditions.Corrosion rate (iL) measurements in CO24 saturated solution were also attained in different operating conditions of temperatures(25- 45C), agitation velocity (0-800 rpm), salts concentrations (2.5 × 10-3  to 9.9 × 10  flow rate (0.142 to1.132 m 3/h ), and immersion time by determining the limiting current  density.The pH values, oxygen solubility, and electrical conductivity of tested solutions were measured under all to interpret the obtained result...