Investigation of Correlations and Prediction of Excess Molar Volume Using Different Equations Of State

Fatma Dhief Ali
Prof. M. O. Abdullah
Dr. Venus M. Hameed

   Prediction and correlation of accurate value of excess molar volume VE are of great interest for adequate design of industrial process and for theoritical purpose. In order to obtain accurate VE values attention has been turned to calculate it from quation Of State (EOS). It is to be noted that these equations of state were developed primarity for calculating vapour-liquid equilibirum and that the present use is some what outside their usual application. To overcome this problem efforts are directed to modify or improve EOS and EOS mixing and combining rules.,they are Soave Redlich Kwong (SRK-EOS), Peng-Robinson (PR-EOS), and Peng-Robinson-Stryjek-Vera (PRSV-EOS), the overall average absolute percent deviations (AAD%)  for 14 binary mixture with 158 experimental VE  In this study three types of cubic equation of state are used to calculate VE data point with no adjustable parameter are: for SRK-EOS 32.0919, for PR-EOS 20.6048,and for PRSV-EOS 18.3203....