Prediction and Correlations of Saturated Liquid Molar Volume at Any Temperature (Including Normal Boiling Point) for Pure Components and Mixtures

Alaa Hussein Ali Al-Rubaiee
Prof. Dr. Mahmood O. Abdulla

 There are many different correlations available in the literature applied to predict saturated liquid molar volumes for pure compounds. They are Rackett, Spencer and Danner, Yamada and Gunn, Yen Woods, Bradford and Thodos, Reidel, and Hankinson Thomson equations. The investigation of these empirical correlations shows that the best correlation was Hankinson and Thomson equation (HT) for nonpolar and
Reidel for Polar components.There are many methods are available in the literature to predict saturated molar volume of pure liquid compounds at normal boiling point. They are Tyn and Calus,Schroeder, and Le Bas methods. The results show that Tyn and Calus have the highest accuracy among the three correlations. Further more it is simple and easy to use.The modification of HT equation has been started from the idea that the modification of constants may lead to more accurate results for calculating saturated liquid molar volume.The value of constants in equation...