Behavior of Mixtures of Heavy Oil Stocks and Waxes

Dr. Basim O. Hasan
Dr.Basim O. Hasan

Experimental work is carried out to study behavior of mixture of mixing of two types of waxes (paraffin and microcrystalline) and different types of  heavy oil (base stock 40, base stock 60, base stock 150, furfural extract 60 and furfural extract 150).The experimental work included the determination of important properties of mixture which are drop point, penetration, and copper corrosion.Also the experimental work included the investigation of the effect of wax weight percentage, wax type and heavy oil type on these properties of mixture.Various types of mixtures were used containing different percentages of waxes and heavy oil. The results revealed that the wax weight percentage and oil type have considerable effect on the drop point, penetration and copper corrosion of mixtures. It is found that increasing wax weight percentage leads to increase in the drop point for all types of mixture. The penetration and copper corrosion are found to decrease with the increase in wax weight percentage. Generally the microcrystalline wax exhibits higher drop point than the paraffin wax. Also the microcrystalline wax gives lower penetration and copper corrosion than paraffin wax in all heavy oil types.The value of drop point of different types of mixtures increases in the following manner for same type of wax and wax weight percentage: base stock oil 40, base stock oil 60, furfural extract oil 60, base stock oil 150 and furfural extract oil 150, The value of penetration of mixtures and increases in the following manner for same type of wax and wax weight percentage:furfural extract oil 150, base stock oil 150, furfural extract oil 60, base stock oil 60 and base stock oil 40. As the drop point increases the penetration decreases and the copper corrosion decreases.According to this work, the drop point of mixture (F) which is composed of 30% microcrystalline wax and 70 % furfural extract oil 150 is higher than the drop point of other types of mixtures, while its penetration and copper corrosion is lower than other mixtures, that indicate leading to conclusion that this type of mixture is better than other types in prepare the special type of greases (waxy greases) in study in may work.