Design and implementation of telemetry reading of power.

Mustafa Mohammad Ridha Abdulabbas.
Dr. Jabir S. Aziz

Abstract: With the development of life and the need for more resources (electricity, gas, water and etc.) is increased, some companies began to provide these resources to each household, school, and office. These companies install meters in each consuming place and assign someone to get the reading of that meter. With the increase of buildings, households, offices that use this meter, it’s inappropriate to assign one or even hundred of people to check measured values. To solve these problems, various remote meter reading systems have been proposed. This thesis introduces the design and implementation of a system to remotely measure and record the consumption of the electricity in different locations.The proposed system consists of two parts; the first part is the master unit, which can be installed on a vehicle. This unit has the ability to perform the functions of receiving the replay of remote unit, data storage, which can be achieved either by a computer as primary data storage, or by the RAM as primary data storage then transfers the data to the computer through parallel port of the computer and further processing of the storage data for billing the consumption of electricity. The second part is the remote unit, which can be installed in different locations .This unit has the ability to perform the functions of measuring the current flow and recording the consumption of electricity and transmit the stored data for each interrogation.