User requirements and evaluations of Iraqi ground receiving station for remote sensing satellites.

Ahmed S. A. Fakhr Al-deen
Dr. Asaad M. Jassim
Dr. Abaas Al-Shalchi

Abstract: The ground stations all over the world have grown in the last 60 years as a part of satellite to earth link systems. One of the important applications for the ground station is to receive the space images acquired by remote sensing satellites. These images are widely used for an applications in the field of cartography, geology, oceanography or intelligence, etc.In this thesis, a proposal of a ground station design configuration that satisfies the needs and requirements of Iraqi users is presented. Different requirements for Iraqi users in terms of different specifications of desired space images (resolution, coverage area, processing, type and repetition of delivery) are studied and analysed. According to these requirements, a design of the basic structure of the ground station is proposed. This structure includes the detailed specifications of antenna system, receiving system, acquisition system, processing system and archiving systems. Also, the obtained results including the cost of proposed station are discussed and show that the proposed design can upgrade the present Iraqi ground station. A computer simulation of the proposed design representing the receiving system is achieved for system analysis.