Path profile calculation of a los system between any two points on A 3-D digital MAP.

Saba Talib Hamada
Dr. Jabir S. Aziz

Abstract: Exponential growth of mobile communications, radio links and wireless networks has increased interest in many topics in radio propagation. Much effort is now devoted to refine radio propagation path-loss models for urban, suburban, and other environments together with substantiation by field data. The objective for the system designer is to provide sufficient clearance of the obstacle without appreciable transmission loss due to the obstacle. The degree of intersection between the obstacle and the first Fresnel zone gives a good measure of obstruction loss. Remote sensing technologies (satellite images, aerial photography, and image processing) give attractive facilities, which can be utilized to determine the topography and the path profile between any two points on the image of the area under test. Merging these facilities with the principles of wave propagation (First Fresnel Ellipsoid) represents the goal of this work. The idea of this work can be summarized as follows: the preparation of satellite 3-D digital map for the area under test to determine the path profile between any two points under test by using the package of ERDAS IMAGINE, drawing the transmission link then superposition of the First Fresnel Ellipsoid on the path profile between these two points. In the end calculation and analysis of the obstruction loss caused by the intersection of the path profile with the First Fresnel Ellipsoid. Applying this procedure and using the available technologies enable the designer to select the optimum numbers and positions of the base stations of any communication network.