Design of direction finding system based on GPS.

Bilal Rabah Nouri
Dr. Jabir S. Aziz

Abstract: The introduction of GPS (Global Positioning System) in modern guidance system has revolutionized the world of navigation in land, sea, air and even in space. This work deals with one of the most familiar implementations of GPS which is determining the direction of a moving object with respect to a reference point, determining the distance between this object and that point, with the ability of displaying the motion on a corresponding map. This project is done by making an interaction between the hardware and software parts. The GPS receiver which presents the hardware part that is connected to the computer via a selected serial port. The data received from a satellite are processed in this receiver to obtain specific information (longitude and latitude). The programming language, Visual Basic 6.0, has been chosen to build a program which offers the ability to analyze the received data, calculate the direction and the distance, and mark the instantaneous position on the map. For mapping, the Google Earth software is used to build a special database which contains a matrix of images that interact with the received position to display the proper image of the instantaneous object position. The system software execution which includes the reception of data from the GPS receiver, calculations and direction finding has been implemented successfully.