Computer based configuration for cisco routers.

Vartan Raffi A. Krekorian
Dr. Ghassan H. Majeed

Abstract: Routers are intelligent devices that make connection between different networks possible. In addition, routers can perform several functions, including filtration and selection of the best path of packets movement. Routers must be configured efficiently in order to perform the above functions. In literature, two approaches have been distinguished for the configuration, namely; text mode and graphical mode approach. The present work is analyzing these two approaches and defines precisely their advantages and limitations. As a result of this analysis, a new approach is proposed in this thesis which eliminates the limitations.The work proposes a graphical interface which is executed on a desktop (or laptop) PC. The user defines the configuration parameters through a program which transfers these parameters to the router by console port instead of Ethernet port. These parameters are then saved on Non Volatile Random Access Memory. The proposed graphical interface is implemented by standard lab consisted of two routers. The implementation shows that the time of configuration can be reduced to 70% of the text mode approach, and overcome the trouble of the old graphical interface.