Implementation of encryption for VoIP.

Sarmad Abdul Ameer Ali
Dr. Ra'ad S. Fyath

Abstract: Support for voice communications using the Internet Protocol , usually called “voice over IP (VoIP)”, has become especially attractive given the low cost, flatrate pricing of the Internet. In fact, toll quality telephony over IP has now become one of the key steps leading to the convergence of the voice, video and data communications industries. VoIP telephony or IP telephony is the transportation of voice traffic over the Internet protocol (IP) .The Internet is an interconnection between networks that use IP. Over the years the Internet has become a basis for applications and services it was not intended for at the beginning. It grew to a market with high potentials especially for services such as IP telephony. This is due to three reasons: Firstly, telephony is a business with high revenues and a lot of customers. Secondly,more and more people know the Internet and use it in their daily life. Thirdly, the Internet with its flexibility, fast development and openness will generate many new services. This thesis addresses quality of services and security issues related to VoIP . The voice transfer over the User Datagram Protocol (UDP) is used to achieve VoIP . Security issues based on Advance Encryption Standard (AES) are adopted to enhance the security of proposed VoIP algorithm .
Software package to achieve a simple and efficient VoIP is developed using C sharp. Simulation results indicate clearly that a secure voice can be transmitted through VoIP environment without any hacking or spoofing. Moreover , increasing AES encryption is implemented on the voice to make secure area which is used in the data encryption. In addition C# and UDP represent an ideal platform to build VoIP applications and services .