Design and Implementation of SCADA System Based on GPRS Technique

Information Engineering
Saif Abdul Ameer Abed Ali

The well known GSM mobile communication system with data communication capability using GPRS technique infrastructure was already established with low cost communication. This technique can be used for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition SCADA System. The SCADA system consists of four main parts the Remote Terminal Unit RTU, Communication system, Master Terminal Unit MTU and Human Machine Interface HMI. The Remote Terminal Unit RTU subsystem was designed based on the Microcontroller and mobile unit SIM908 which can be controlled through AT commands. In this work a complete SCADA system was designed and implemented. The RTU subsystem was designed based on the PIC16F877A Microcontroller which is used as a data acquisition system and controls the SIM908 unit to transmit data using AT commands. The data from different sensors can be collected through the 8-channel built-in Analog to Digital Converter ADC and packetized to be transmitted through TCP/IP connection to MTU.
The Mobile GSM infrastructure was used as a communication system to exchange data packets between RTU and MTU using the GPRS service that available in GSM System.
The MTU was designed based on Linux operating system with Apache server. The associated database was designed using Structured Query Language SQL, and the application program which is an interpreter between the RTU and MTU was built using C#. The authorized user can monitor and control the RTU remotely using the website that designed using the PHP language through the Internet from anywhere in the word.