Implementation of dsp tms320c25 processors system

Ahmed S. A. Kubba
Dr. Manal J. Al-Kindi

Abstract : The idea of multiprocessor is a technique or mechanism that is implemented for long years, but with the need for increasing of computational speed and accuracy, taking into account that the progress in technique in this field is rare in Iraq. This encouraged the implementing of this work in order to build a DSP kit helping Iraqi researcher at universities in their search with minimum cost. The basic idea of this design is to build a TMS320C25 processor board to work as in stand alone microcomputer system, in addition to allow this system board to work with global memory .In this project, it was used the personal computer (PC) to help in speeding the work of the system. In the PC, the program has written and developed, and then it is loaded to the global memory (or the shared memory as it the topology that have been adopted in this project). After the program (or data) is loaded to the global memory, it will be sent to the processing cards of concern which are attached to the global memory where they will start executing their program. With this technique the time taken for executing program has been saved compared with that for single processor. Each processing card will have its own memory (local memory) in addition to the global memory. By the global memory, the processors can share the data with each other and with the PC through the global memory part. The data that is stored in the global memory can be uploaded to the PC to be stored or viewed. The adopted system was developed and checked for performance, where it proved practical efficiency.