Design and implementation of distributed control system for digital exchange

Diyar Ismat Sino Al-Tovi
Dr. Sarcot N. Abdullah

Abstract : The objective of this work is to design and implement the software and hardware of the distributed control system for digital exchange. The proposed distributed control system for digital exchange model consists of three layers which are master, slave and sub-slave layer. The practical model designed and implemented, consists of master and slave layer only. The Master-Layer of the practical model include personal computer (PC[A]) and Switching-Circuit (SC[A]). PC[A] is connected with the SC[A] through the parallel port. It is also connected with two personal computers in the slave layer, PC[B] through COM1(RS232) and PC[C] through COM2(RS232). The Slave-Layer of the practical model includes PC[B] and PC[C], and each one is responsible about eight subscribers. This setup can provide connection between subscribers associated with the slave PCs through the SC[A]. The data has been transmitted and received between PC[C], PC[B] and PC[A], and the connections between subscribers have been successfully carried out.