The Victory Ballons in Nahrain

Al-Nahrain Media:Hind Aswd

Ballons in the form of hearts coloured by the Iraqii flag   filled the sky of Baghdad  on the occassion of the Iraqi victory  on the ...


The President of Al-Nahrain University Presents Congratulations Congratulation on The Occasion of New Year Eve


Al-Nahrain Media:Instr.Abdul Rahamen


The President of University , Prof.Dr.Nabeel Kadim Abid Al-Sahib  presents the congratulations  and blessings for the Iraqi  peoples  and Al-Nahrain Unversity staff  on the occasion of  Christmas and New Year Eve hoping  that they are always healthy asking Allah  to save Iraq and its citizens being safe ,developed , along with   good  health and blessing.                                                                  


Translated by      

Asst.Prof.Aula Abdulghaffour Muhammad Salah


Al-Nahrain University Holds a Symposium about Halbaja Earthquake


Al-Nahrain Media:Hana Muhammad

 Under the logo "Halabaja Earthquake: A Vision for a coming building,"  College of Engineering in Al-Nahrain University holds a scientific symposium called Halabaja earthquake between denotations  and the perspective visions for the designs of  buildings  in 





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