A Lecturer of the Al-Nahrain Medicine Affiliates with the Membership of Pan Arab Hematology Association

Al-Nahrain Media: Dr.Intsar Abaas

Al-Nahrain University attempts to support the educational institution with the latest developments  of the  modern science and ...

Centre of Nahrain for The Strategic Studies Gives The President of University The Recognition and Innovation Shield.

Al-Nahrain Media:Hana Muhammad

Centre of Nahrain for The Strategic  Studies honour  the President of University , Prof.Dr.Nabeel Kadim Abid Al-Sahib The Recognition and Innovation  Shield  appreciating for his ...

Instructors of Al-Nahrain University Publish a Book "Principles of Politics"

Al-Nahrain Media/Hana Muhammad

Instructors of College of Political  Science /Al-Nahrain University : Asst.Prof.Aula Abdul Ghafffour Muhammad ,Asst.Prof.Dr.Muhammad Kareem Kadhem  and Asst.Prof.Dr.Nassir Muhammad Ali publish  a book entitled ...




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