Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research Congratulates Al-Nahrain University for It Has Got(H INDEX=40)

Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research/ Construction and Projects Department/The General Director Office  congratulates Al-Nahrain University for  it has got(H INDEX=40)

Ministry of Higher Education Valuates Efforts of Al-Nahrain university

A  minister of  higher  education ,Prof.Dr.Abdul  Razzaq Abdul  Jaleel  Al-Essa  valuates the efforts of  Presidency of Al-Nahrain University   in  running  the  voluntary work programme and consolidating the culture  that   rises   the educational institution   and its role  in  enriching   the social service  by  giving it  valuation letter.                                            


Al-Nahrain University Is Regarded as The First One Which Updates The International diligent Researches Link

Al-Nahrain Media:Hana  Muhammad

Depending on the suggestions   of  The Research and Development  Department  and  acceptance of Minster




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