An Instructor of Al-Nahrain University has Published a Book Entitled The Public Principles of The Scientific Research Curriculums

Al-Nahrain Media:Hana Muhammad

An Instructor  in College of Law/Al-Nahrain University ,Nasir Mazhar Abood   has published a  book entitled  The Public Principles of  The Scientific Research Curriculums.

President of Al-Nahrain University Receives President of The British Northampton University

Nahrain Media / Hana Muhammad

President of Al-Nahrain university ,Prof.Dr.Nabeel Kadim Abid Al-Sahib receives president of the British Northampton University ,Prof.Nick Bet Ford ...

Al-Nahrain Holds a Celebration of University Day

Nahrain Media/Hana Muhammad

Al-Nahrain University holds its annual celebration on the occasion of University Day sponsored by ...




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