Rector Prof. Dr. Nabil Kadhuim Abdul-Sahib meets with the faculty members who are specialized in foreign languages.

In coordinates with the university approach to keep up with the movement of progress and Development and pursuit of scientific communications in research institution and continuity with the university's approach in serving the science and society,and with gracious initiative and a great interesting from the Recto of Al-Nahrain University, Prof. Dr. Nabil Kadhuim Abdul-Sahib,a meeting had been held in the presidency of Al-Nahrain University ,this meetings includes: the Recto of Al-Nahrain University, Prof. Dr. Nabil Kadhuim Abdul-Sahib,and

The Rector of Al-Nahrain University meets with the Council of Quality Assurance

in Belief with the leading role of al-Nahrain University in serving Iraqi state institutions and and supplying them with scientific energies to serve the community in various fields and levels and In line with the rapid scientific requirements in universities and to preserve the scientific level of our university, The Supreme Council of quality assurance was held in Its third meeting of the academic year2014-2015 in the rector office ,headed by the Recto of Al-Nahrain University, Prof. Dr. Nabil Kadhuim Abdul-Sahib, and the presence of all members.

Department of Continuing Education and Information Technologies in Al- Nahrain University establish course in Methods of Teaching

Effective and serious efforts adopted by the University of Al-Nahrain since its foundation in the development of the capacity of its affiliates through its scientific achievements
that never stopped to launch the best of ideas and best measures In order to achieve its goal. The Continuing Education and information technology department has initiated


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