A President of Al-Nahrain University has got a Recognizable Book Award in 2017 on The Occasion of Science Day



Al-Nahrain University has got a recognizable  position     on the local and international levels because of its scientific and academic diligence 

and achieving the quality in science and education ,a president of Al-Nahrain University , Prof.Dr.Nabeel Kadim Abid Al-Sahib   has got a recognizable  book award  among many books of engineering and technology on the occasion of  Science Day prepared by  Ministry of


Al-Nahrain University is Prepared to Hold Its Second Conference for The Higher Studies Students

Al-Nahrain Media:Hana  Muhammad


College of Engineering  of Al-Nahrain University  is prepared to hold its  second  conference   of the  researches of  the higher studies 

Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research Congratulates Al-Nahrain University for It Has Got(H INDEX=40)

Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research/ Construction and Projects Department/The General Director Office  congratulates Al-Nahrain University for  it has got(H INDEX=40)




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