Al-Nahrain Engineering organizes a seminar on the concept of the sustainability applications in architecture

Under the auspices of the President of the University of Al- Nahrain, Dr. Nabil Kazim Abdul-Sahib, the department of architecture in the college of engineering/ Al- Nahrain University, has held a scientific seminar on the concept of architectural sustainability on Alrafedain Hall. A large number of specialists, researchers, academics and graduate students have participated in it.

The Chairman of Al-Nahrain University held a meeting with Iraqi cultural adviser in Britain via video chat system

In the relentless pursuit of the University of Al-Nahrain and the scientific and cultural continuity with sober universities, cultural attaché and the research centers abroad. The Chairman of Al-Nahrain university Professor Dr. Nabil Kadhuim Abdul-Sahib, held a consultative meeting with the cultural advisor in Britain Prof. Dr.

President of the Iraqi Council of Representatives Visits Al-Nahrain University and Appreciates its Scientific and Academic Role

President of the Iraqi Council of Representatives, Dr. Salim al-Jubouri confirms that the role of the state in the legal framework and that the state must be respected all its institutions, praising the academic and scientific role of Al-Nahrain University in supplying the country with professional and scientific personalities.
Al-Jubouri added during his visit to the Faculty of Law at the University of AL-Nahrain


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