Al-Nahrain College of Medicine Updating Studying Curricula

As an authentic international institution, Al-Nahrain University has many initiatives to raise the scientific level of its students. And also as a creative gesture and new scientific accomplishment, Al-Nahrain College of Medicine updated and coded its curricula which are considered as the first initiative in which syllabuses are encoded.

Gynecology and Obstetrics Branch held a scientific seminar about anaemia during pregnancy:

Within the ongoing activities and scientific efforts of Al-Nahrain College of Medicine supported by solid scientific research based on the latest information, expertise, and medical experiments which are revolved around endemic disease in some countries of the world; “Anaemia”, which kills generations descended from parents affected by this fatal disease. And in this sense, and under the auspices of the Dean of Al-Nahrain College of Medicine, Prof. Dr. Alaa Ghani Hussein Mubarak, the Gynecology and Obstetrics Branch held a seminar about Anaemia during Pregnancy, Causes and Complications.

Al-Nahrain University Organizes Symposium on EU Poli

In order to enhance communication between Al-Nahrain University and international institutions, the college of Political Science organized a Symposium on ( How is the EU policy making ) .
The symposium presented by Mr. Konstattenitus Vardakis representative of the European Union mission in Iraq identify the concept of European Union policy and outline the various legal tools used in decision-making, as well as tracking legislative proposals for EU and policy initiatives .


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