College of Science/ AL-Nahrain University Organized a Symposium on the Development of Individual Efficiency Mechanisms

The Faculty of College of Science/ AL-Nahrain University organized a seminar on individual competence and the mechanisms of its development, for the sake of defining the concept of individual competence in its various aspects, and using them in the development of collective efficiency, which was held in FAO Hall / Jadiriya complex.

AL- Nehrain Engineering hosts a professor from Brunel university to give a number of lectures in advanced communications.

Al- Nehrain media/ Hind Saied.
The Electronic and Communications Engineering Department in AL- Nehrain university has hosted the director of the Wireless Communications Research Center at the University of Brunel in London, Dr. Hamid Sfey Fydhee Alroashdi. He has given a series of lectures in the field of advanced communications, on the Tigris hall, in the presence of a number of teaching staff and specialists, and graduate students in the College of Engineering.

Faculty of Medicine organizes a symposium on diabetes in children

Under the auspices of the Dean of Al-Nahrain College of Medicine, Prof. Dr. Alaa Ghani Hussein, and with the presence of a number of professors and students with collaboration of Asino Pharmaceutical Company, the Paediatrics Branch held a scientific seminar about diabetes in children entitled (let us support our children against diabetes), on Monday, 23/3/2015.


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