College of Science/AL-Nahrain University Organized a Symposium on Chemical Store System

The faculty of College of Science/AL-Nahrain University organized a scientific symposium about the store system of the chemical items in the presence of a number of specialists and people that are interested.
The symposium aims to identify the control system which is being effective in inputs and outputs of chemical store through the preparation of depositing and drawing receipts with full detail. The program automatically updates the remaining balance of the stock material.

Computer Engineering Organizes a Seminar on the Smart robotics Systems

There are many types of robots that are used in various sectors, including the industrial sector. The robots are Automatic devices that can be adapted and re-programmed, moreover it is a technical science, engineering mechanism design, and manufactured, arranged, and structural application. To learn more about this kind of Advanced Science, the Department of Computer Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering has arranged a scientific seminar entitled (Smart Robot Prospects and Applications Systems).

Al-Nahrain College of Medicine Established a New Laboratory which is the First of its Kind in Iraqi Universities

In consideration of the important role played by the educational, scientific and research institutions in our lives, and our future, Al-Nahrain College of Medicine designed and equipped a developing tissue culture laboratory for pharmaceutical research. It is considered as the first of its kind and the only one in Iraqi universities which provides facilities for cellular lines culture.


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