Minister of Higher Education Opens the Completed Projects at AL-Nahrain University

Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research,
Prof. Dr. Hussain Al-Shahristani, was opened the new completed
Projects at Al-Nahrain University,
-The first project is the building of the University Presidency,
-The second project is the building of the student club,
- The third project is processing and rehabilitation laboratories of the College of Engineering,
- The fourth project is rehabilitation of the dormitories and the road leading to the new buildings of the university,

AL- Nahrain University holds a seminar on E-learning in Iraqi Universities

The recent research has improved the methods of teaching and increased the efficiency of learning through the understanding of the human brain mechanisms of action during the learning process, by using different multimedia to presents the scientific subjects in the best ways that enable the learner to receive, interact with them and maintain, through these concepts and research addressed by scientific experiments.

College of Political Science organizes a seminar on the Importance of Reading and the Civil Society (Non-Governmental) Organizations

Within the scientific activities organized by the Research and Studies Unit in the college of Political Science ,the Arabic language studies Committee had organized a seminar about reasons behind" the Low of reading at the present time and civil society in Iraq's novel".


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