Al-Nahrain University Has Got First Position in Colleges' Final Classes Award Project

Al-Nahrain Media:Dr.Mhuammed Akrem

The  Recognizable  achievements of Al-Nahrain  University   continues  on different  local ,regional and international  levels,  College of

The University Day is Science ,honour and Glory

Al-Nahrain Branch:Al-Nahrain Media 
Under sponsorship of the President of Al-Nahrain University ,Prof Dr.Nabeel Kadim Abid Al-Sahib, the University holds its yearly celebration on the occasion of ...


Raising a Head Tumor :a Qualitative operation in Al-Nahrain University

Al-Nahrain Media:Dr.Muhammad  Akrem

The qualitative achievements on different fields in Al-Nahrain University continues ,a medical team headed by Dr.Ihsan Al-Baldawi ,a specialist in the nervous surgery in College of Medicine in Al-Nahrain University in making an operation in ...



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