Al-Nahrain Conducts a Course about Developments of The Skills of The University Associates

Al-Nahrain Media:Noor Fakher

The Follow-up  Department of Al-Nahrain  University  conducts a Training Course about development of the university  affiliates  and a number 

Al-Nahrain university Issues a Journal of Al-Nahrain Biotechnology

Al-Nahrain Media:Noor Fakher

Centre of Biotechnological Researches in Al-Nahrain University

Issues the seventh number /the scientific semi-annual  publication which sheds light  on the events  and activities of the Centre and its 

University of Technology Hosts a Number of Presidents of Universities

Al-Nahrain Media:Asst.Prof.Dr.Muhammad  Akrem

According to the directions of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research  ,the President of Al-Nahrain University, 


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