Al-Nahrain University is Ready to Contribute in The Victory Monument Competition

Al-Nahrain Media : Hana  Muhammad

The President of Al-Nahrain University  Prof.Dr.Nabeel  Abid Al-Sahib directs  Architectural  Dept. in College of Engineering in ...

President of Universities Meet the University Leaders

Dr.Muhammad Akrem : Al-Nahrain Media

President of  Al-Nahrain University  ,Prof.Dr. Nabeel  Abid Al-Sahib attends  a meeting with ( the university  leaders ...

President of Al-Nahrain University Headed the Crimes of Corruption and Their Punishments Session

Dr.Muammed  Akrem Al-Nahrain Media:

Activating the College vision in terms of its integration with the society and its  current  and prospective demands under the sponsorship of the




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