Al-Nahrain Holds a Workshop about Using 3D Printer

Al-Nahrain Media:Noor  Fakher

 The Mechanical Engineering Department in College  of Engineering in Al-Nahrain University Conducts a Training Course about 3D Printer and its maintenance  which is held in the Laboratory  of The Central Computer of this Department  by the participation of a number of researchers and specialists.

 This  course  aims to know  how to benefit from   3D Printer in laboratories in making  prosthetic limbs ,the surgical tools ,the medical electronics and designing the beautiful structure of robots which are used   for making small samples of the construction projects by the students of architectural  engineering in their projects.                  

 The workshop  involves the history of the 3 D   Printer,  its types  mentinoning the companies which make it and how to maintain it overcoming any difficulty which faces its user.

This workshop starts with a definition of the 3 D Printer which  is one of the  ways of modern   manufactures by making 3 D production model , designing it on computer,  then printing  it and using it in different fields such as flying ,space ,engineering , medicine , construction,  education and entertainment.

Translated  by

Asst.Prof.Aula  Abdul  Ghaffour Muhammad Salah

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