Al-Nahrain Conducts a Course about Developments of The Skills of The University Associates

Al-Nahrain Media:Noor Fakher

The Follow-up  Department of Al-Nahrain  University  conducts a Training Course about development of the university  affiliates  and a number of the  affiliates of departments of the university  attend this course. This  Course aims  for teaching the bases of the fire engines and how to use it  and following the directions  when an earth quick happens ;all this is explained by the director  of the Follow-up  Department ,Amar  Kamel  Hamed.     

 This Course which is conducted  with  the cooperation with the Centre of The Continuous  Teaching in University aims for the good performance and morality of this mission deepening the good relations among the university affiliates working together as one team to achieve the successful goals serving the society.

    This  Course recommends for holding workshops and training course in this field every time.                                       



 Translated  By

Asst.Prof.Aula Abdul  Ghaffour Muhammad  Salah

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