A lecture about The Quality of the Scientific Research and The International Principles

Al-Nahrain Media:Dr.Intsar  Abas

 As  an attempt to be aware  of the scientific and research knowledge ,the Chemical Engineering Dept. of the Engineering College  presents a lecture entitled "The Quality of The Scientific Research and the International Principles "  by Asst.Prof.Dr.Basim Abaid Hasen ,the head of this department  during  the culture quality programme.

He says that this lecture includes many dimensions involving the ways of using the quality principles  of the scientific researches and the fourth  points which are mentioned in the instructions of the scientific progress  No.167 in 2017  to  help  us in raising the   quality  principles  of  our researches according to Scopus Ranking  of the scientific journals  whose researches are  not evaluated according to the scientific progress instructions in 2017.


Translated by

Asst.Prof.Aula  Abdul  Ghaffour Muahammad Salah

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