President of The University is a Representative of Iraq in The Conference The Arab Universities Union

 Al-Nahrain Media:Dr  Muhammed Akrem

President of the University, Prof.Dr.Nabeel Abid Al-Sahib contributes in the meetings of the Twenty Five session of the general conference of the Arab Universities in the Islam University in Beirut. The Head of the Lebanon  Council of Representatives ,Nabih Berri ,the Executive Council of the Arab Universities Union and this meeting includes  the preparations  for the Twenty Five session of the Arab Universities Union.

Besides,Abid Al-Sahib is selected to be  a member of the executive Council of the Arab Universities Union for two sessions and a representative of Iraq. This session seeks to support and arranges the efforts of the Arab Universities and the international and regional institutions according the latest developments of world. Moreover, it seeks to develop the performance of universities and  their independence and assures that it must  cooperate with others  to achieve the higher education quality and guarantee its type  seeking to achieve that. It is mentioned that Al-Nahrain university seeks to develop the science ,knowledge ,the academic independence ,the intellectual renaissance and activate the science and knowledge in all the international ,regional and local fields.

Translated By

Asst.Prof.Aula  Abdul Ghaffour  Muhammad Salah

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