President of Universities Meet the University Leaders

 Al-Nahrain Media:Dr.Muhammad Akrem

President of  Al-Nahrain University  ,Prof.Dr. Nabeel  Abid Al-Sahib attends  a meeting with( the university  leaders  ;the teaching  bodies and the Science and Technology staff), the Prime Minster ,Dr.Hadeer Al-Abady and the Minster of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Abdul Razek Al-Essa.During their meeting ,a number of subjects are discussed :The Historical victory on the terrorist Daash  gangs by the efforts of all Iraqi peoples asserting that the political orientation serves the society and achieves the ambitions and interests of all its citizens; appreciating the academic giving of the university lecturers and adding the diligence of science and education ,the scientific qualitative outcomes for all generations in different specializations  to support the development process ;attracting the immigrating efficiencies and backing them into Iraq; facing all the challenges via the scientific and practical  reality according to the   perfect performance  in employing the efficiencies and their outcomes  assuring that the students need to be sponsored  according to their university life as the advanced world colleges. His speech implies the victory of state  to rebuild the universities by  the operations chamber which is responsible for doing that after liberating  it from the terrorist Dassh gangs as well as he  says that it is necessary to revise the academic curriculums  which are appropriate to the current developments of all  fields of life confirming  the loyalty to the institutions which the one works  and loving  his/her country .Besides, he adds that Iraq succeeds in achieving the international, regional and local  balancing  policies which are responsible to keep it and make the young capabilities  contribute in building our country .


Translated  BY

Asst.Prof.Aula Abdul Ghaffour Muhammad  Salah



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