President of Al-Nahrain University Headed the Crimes of Corruption and Their Punishments Session

Dr.Muammed  Akrem / Al-Nahrain Media:

Activating the College vision in terms of its integration with the society and its  current  and prospective demands under the sponsorship of the head  of Integrity Commission  ,Hassen Al-Yassery and under the motto "Together to Counter Corruption"Al-Nahrain University Participates 

in the scientific symposium by  the Iraqi Academy to counter the corruption  in the Integrity Community in cooperation with College of Law in Al-Nahrain University under the title "Crimes of Corruption  and Punishments in the Scale". It  incudes  the word of the President of the Integrity Commission  as well as the President of Al-Nahrain Unniversity,Prof.Dr.Nabeel  Abid Al-Sahib  headed the session which includes a number of fields:Firstly, a paper presented by the researcher  Amed Fathel Abid entited "Formulations of The Amnesty  Law  and Its Effect  on The Financial Corruption Crimes". Secondly ,the  two researchers  ,Asst.Prof.Dr.Huda Hatef Muther and Dr.Musoon  Khalif  Hamed  present a paper entitled "A Crimes of The Interests of the  inconsistency" and the last paper is presented  by Amer Musher Al-Graholy,Assist of the General Director of the Iraqi  Academy to counter the corruption  under the vision "AVision  community in the Corruption Crimesand Punishements".

At the end of session, a dialogue and views exchange between the attendants and it is mentioned that Al-Nahrain University and participates in supporting the integrity community campaigns and the two jobs of Safety, United Women against Corruption and many workshops and symposiums.                                                                                               


 Translated By

Asst.Prof.Aula  Abdul  Ghaffour Muhammad Salah

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