Al-Nahrain University Holds a Symposium about Halbaja Earthquake


Al-Nahrain Media:Hana Muhammad


 Under the logo "Halabaja Earthquake: A Vision for a coming building,"  College of Engineering in Al-Nahrain University holds a scientific symposium called Halabaja earthquake between denotations  and the perspective visions for the designs of  buildings  in Iraq  with the attendance  of a number of instructors , representatives of the ministry  and researchers.                                                                                    

This symposiums  which is held by the sponsorship Baghdad Mayor      Thikra Alwash , President of Al-Nahrain  University, Prof.Dr.Nabeel Kadim Abid Al-Sahib ,and the dean of the college of engineering,     Dr.Jaim Al-Dabegh  Who presents  a review of the history of earthquake of Iraq  since 820  till now and how we face it  as the Halabaj earthquake and the movement of the earth crust.

This symposium comprises many dimensions  including  the history of the earthquake in the area ,the nature  and type of    Halabaja earthquake  and the demanded procedures on the level of the Iraqi Research  Centers and designing the building of Iraq.                                                         

This symposiums deals with  the means of developing  the information and documented  data  in the Iraqi   blog of the earthquake  to cover the new cases  which overcome  by its strength at the documented data  in the blog and the way  of developing the  ways of  designing of the Iraqi traditional buildings  to be equal  with  the powers of the expected perspective earthquake. Also it is referred to the importance of the reaserches centers  to  pursue  , analyze  the earthquake and expect its patterns  which happen in the area    using it in the  scientific  centers  to develop the patterns of building in Iraq.                                               

The symposium  implies also poems  about the victories of the Iraqi army and   The Popular Mobilization Forces as well as viewing  a video about achievements of the Civil Engineering  Department.                  

The symposiums achieved to the recommendations as the role of the research centers in pursuing ,analyze the earthquake , and encourage the students  to present the scientific researches  in this field to develop the patterns of building in Iraq with the necessity  of developing  the information and documented data in Iraq    blog  to prevent  the new situations that overcome   the documented data ,so it is needed to develop the designs of the Iraqi traditional buildings  to be with the powers of the earthquake .In addition, the awareness and the guidance through media ,the cultural symposiums, by which it can be mentioned the ways which are  done during the earthquake preventing the disasters.




Translated by      

Asst.Prof.Aula Abdulghaffour Muhammad Salah

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