College of Engineering contributes in the Programme of Preparing the Trainers


Al-Nahrain Media:Dr.Antsar Abaas

According to the curriculum of University  in the service of science and society  to develop the capabilities of its instructors   and with the initiatives of the biomedical  Medicine Department to develop  those who contribute in  the  workshop  of maintenance of the medical machines ,the engineer ,Hamazah Abaas Fathel  contributes  in the course of programme  of preparing TOT.The course aims for developing the instructors of department and be with the scientific development.

The course  includes  theoretical , practical and training lectures which be with  the modern technology  and its development  that  is suitable for  the University and its instructors  and how  maintains the medical machines  and the contributor passes it successfully at the end. 


Translated by

Asst.Prof.Aula Abdul Ghaffour  Muhammad Salah

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