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An Abdul Ghaffour Muhammad Salah ,an instructor  of College of Political Science /International Political Dept. contributes in the international scientific fifth  conference  entitled " Contributions of Education in Building  The Human  and Developing The Thought"which is held in the College of Education  for Humanitarian Science-Ibn Rushd  in her research entitled " A Linguistic analysis of  The   Translation  of  Some Political Speeches: Trump's first speech as president follows as an example" which is published in the journal  of the College  Al-Ustath  which is depended on Impact Factor  in publishing the researches of instructors.

This research aims for the linguistic analysis  following lexical ,syntactic ,semantic ,and phonological levels  of the political speeches(Trump's first speech as president follows.

This research comprises three sections. Section one presents definitions of translation; translation strategies and definitions of the political speech. Section two deals with the analytical levels of  translation  (lexical,  syntactic ,semantic ,and phonological  ) .It  investigates such levels in the translation of       some political speeches: Trump's first speech as president follows and analyze their implications in translation .Finally, the conclusions have been drawn from this research :the translation of the political speeches  needs specific vocabularies to achieve the content of the Source Language  text into the Target Language reader.

Translated  By

Asst.Prof.Aula Abdul Ghaffour Muhammad Salah


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