The Chairman of Al-Nahrain University held a meeting with Iraqi cultural adviser in Britain via video chat system

In the relentless pursuit of the University of Al-Nahrain and the scientific and cultural continuity with sober universities, cultural attaché and the research centers abroad. The Chairman of Al-Nahrain university Professor Dr. Nabil Kadhuim Abdul-Sahib, held a consultative meeting with the cultural advisor in Britain Prof. Dr. Musa Jawad al-Moussawi, via video chat system with the presence of the Assistant Rector for Academic Affairs and Deans of colleges of engineering, science, political science and the secretary of the University Council and Director of the Department of Scientific Affairs and Cultural Relations at the presidency of the university. The meeting included an agreement to develop a joint work program between the University of Mesopotamia and cultural attaché in London, and hold regular meetings with students studying abroad to view on their scientific performance scientific,as well as conducting interviews with Iraqi scientists there. The Chairman of Al-Nahrain University emphasized during the meeting on the willingness of the university in cooperation with British universities and the achievement of twinning with them and develops research centers and joint supervision, he added that the university is seeking to hold such regular meetings, to resolve the obstacles and problems that related to students who studying abroad, and discuss with Iraqi scientists there, as well as specialists from the British with their counterparts in our university of deans and directors of the centers and the heads of the scientific departments. The Chairman of Al-Nahrain University also confirms on the university's keenness to pursue scholarship students, because the student when you feel that he is following up by his university leaders while studying abroad, this would stimulated him by presenting more progress which will reflect positively on the level of his scientific performance and thus he achieve excellence in his specialty. For his part, the Iraqi cultural advisor in Britain Prof. Dr. Musa Jawad al-Moussawi, said that the increasing number of scholarship students in Britain in the last period, has it's a great impact in the development of higher education in Iraq, and he confirms its efforts to increase the number of students studying abroad and the inclusion of various disciplines and research missions, and the development of teaching staffs and departments in Iraqi universities through the performance of British universities, and the possibility of marketing expertise to Iraq. Al-Moussawi pointed that the investment in higher education and the human mind is considered as one of the investments that depend upon a lot of countries in the world because it achieves great results on all levels. The video meeting included also several interventions and scientific inquiries, In an attempt to contribute to overcoming the obstacles facing students who are studying abroad and try to benefit from the expertise of the scientists there. Translated by Dr. Edhah.N.Khazaal

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