Rector Prof. Dr. Nabil Kadhuim Abdul-Sahib meets with the faculty members who are specialized in foreign languages.

In coordinates with the university approach to keep up with the movement of progress and Development and pursuit of scientific communications in research institution and continuity with the university's approach in serving the science and society,and with gracious initiative and a great interesting from the Recto of Al-Nahrain University, Prof. Dr. Nabil Kadhuim Abdul-Sahib,a meeting had been held in the presidency of Al-Nahrain University ,this meetings includes: the Recto of Al-Nahrain University, Prof. Dr. Nabil Kadhuim Abdul-Sahib,and
Assistant Professor Dr. Abdul Karim Radi Mirhij ,the Director of the Computer Center and other members of the university staff of different formations ,Who hold advanced degrees within the jurisdiction of foreign languages. The meeting came after the establishment of the Computer Center and the emergence of the urgent need to include browsing of the website of the University for various formations and for more than one language.

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