Dr.Jasem Abood Abaas




Ph.D.  Dr.Tech. , B.Arch


 Place and Date of Birth

Baghdad, Iraq, 01st July 1950


·         Ph. D. in Architectural Engineering - Grade Excellent, Technical University of Budapest –Hungary, 1989

·         Dr. Tech. Technical University of Budapest(BME) Budapest, Hungary

·         B. Arch., Department of Architecture, University of Baghdad, Iraq

·         Baccalaureate, Baghdad, Iraq                



*Dean of College of Engineering , Al-Nahrain University – Baghdad. (2013- )

*Head OF Architectural Dept. (2005-2007), (2009- 2011).Al-Nahrain  University-Baghdad.

*Executive Committee member for the National Educational program of Sustainable Engineering / Ministry of higher education and scientific research.

 * Ministerial Engineering Committee member for the Evaluation and Equation of Degrees issued outside of Iraq - Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

 * Scientific Promotion Committee member / College of Engineering (2003-2005) and (2011 – to date).

 * Editorial board member at the University ofTechnology – Baghdad magazine (ARCHITECTURE).

 *Editorial board member of engineering college magazine (ENGINEERING),  NahrainUniversity - Baghdad (2007-2009)

 * Member of many local and international architectural and urban projects juries (Ministry of Youth and Sports, theMunicipality of Baghdad, the Ministry of Construction and Housing…..)


Member of Iraqi Society of Engineering. *


Member of Iraqi Union of Engineering.*


Marital Status



Arabic & English (Spoken & Written)

E-mail :











* Head OF Architectural  Dept. (2005-2007), (2009-  now)

·         (2003 -  now) Professor in Architecture, Alnahrain University, Baghdad, Iraq.

·        (1990 - 2003) Professor of Architecture at University of Science and Technology, U.S.T.O.Oran, Algeria,

·        (1990 - 2003) Teaching and Supervision , Ph.D. & M.Sc. Students, Dept. of Architecture, U.S.T.O., Oran, Algeria

·        (2003 - 2008) - Teaching and Supervision – M.Sc. students, Dept. of Architecture,Alnahrain University, Baghdad, Iraq





Participated in the following:

·         Members of many  Architectural Research Groups

·         Visitor Professor at University of Bechar, Algeria

·         International Conference of Gul-Baba, an Islamic Center in Budapest, Hungary, held by BME, 1987

·         International Conference of Low-Cost Housing, organized by UN (Habitat),

Budapest - Hungary, 1989

·         National Meeting for Clay Buildings of Saharan Architecture - Bechar, Algeria, 1992

·         International Meeting for Water and Architecture in the Desert - Adrar, Algeria, 1996

·         International Meeting for Mizab Architecture - Ghardaia, Algeria, 1997

·         National Meeting, Grand Cities - Oran, Algeria, 1997

·         International Seminar of the Architecture and Algerian Cities Face 21st Century

Biskra, Nov. 1999

·         International Seminar of The Space Saharan and Development - Biskra, Nov. 2000

·         International Seminar of The Enseignement et Pratique de l' Architecture, Quelles Perspectives- Alger, Avril 2001

·         National Seminar of The New Algerian Cities - Constantine, May 2001

·         National Seminar of Space and People - Oran, Avr. 2002

·         National Seminar of Urban Planning Institute - University of Baghdad, August 2005




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1.  Oriental-Baghdad House

2.  Early Architecture and the Human Being in the Orient

3.  Oriental Traditional House, in English







1.  Fundamentals of Architecture – Arabic Council for Science & Technology Est., Enterprise Algerians de press, Algeria, 1997


Professional Experience



(2008 -2009)


2003 - 2008



1990 – 2003


1994 - 1990


1979 - 1984          

Technical Manager with Arkonsult ,UAE.


Senior Designer  Member of High Committee of Engineering Consultant of Bureau, Alnahrain University


Consultant Architects for many Consultant Bureau. Algeria


Ph.D. Student


Designer with Governmental Architectural Bureau, Guelma,Algeria


Engaged in designing projects such as:

·         Three Technical High School in Souk-Akhras, Sedrata andGuelma, Algeria

·         Regional Museum - Tebessa, Algeria

·         Guest House of the Wilaya of Guelma, Algeria

·         500 Apartments Residential Project - Guelma, Algeria

·         Four Mosques, Guelma Main Mosque, Sedrata and Souk-Akhras Mosques.

·         Three Cooperative Villages. Capacity of 400 Houses each – Wilaya, Guelma, Algeria

·         Five Civil Centres at Algerian-Tunisian borderland.


As well as many other projects.



1973 - 1978           

Architect with Hisham Munir & Associates Architectural Consultant Bureau, Baghdad, Iraq


Engaged in designing projects such as:

·         Cinema of 2000 seats - Kut, Iraq

·         Administration and Residential Complex of « elf- Erab», a French oil company worked at the Southern part of Iraq.

·         Al Sabah Commercial, Residential & Administration Complex - Kuwait

·         College of Agriculture - University of Sulaimaniya, Iraq

·         Commercial Centre - Arbil, Iraq

·         Comprehensive High School at Sowaira, as well as at Arbil,Iraq

·         Administration Complex - Baghdad, Iraq

·         Agricultural Museum - Baghdad, Iraq

·         Iraqi Petroleum Company Club - Kerkuk, Iraq

·         Administration Complex - Kadhimiya, Iraq


As well as many Touristic and Residential projects.


·         At the beginning of 1978, established partnership with a private Architectural Bureau named Muna & Aldabbagh engaged in designing the following projects:

·         Administration Complex - Baghdad, Iraq

·         Students Hostel for Agricultural College, University of Baghdad, Iraq

As well as many other Touristy, Administration and Residential projects.



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