Department of Continuing Education and Information Technologies in Al- Nahrain University establish course in Methods of Teaching

Effective and serious efforts adopted by the University of Al-Nahrain since its foundation in the development of the capacity of its affiliates through its scientific achievements
that never stopped to launch the best of ideas and best measures In order to achieve its goal. The Continuing Education and information technology department has initiated
In AL-Nahrain University the new academic year with a course in methods of teaching for the duration of11/1/2015 to 29/1/2015.The participated number was 17 from the ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the
Colleges of Al-Nahrain University And all universities. Knowing that all of the participants of the master's and doctoral degree holders in various disciplines and it has been cooperating with a number of professors with terms of reference and efficiency.

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